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Kucom Film Unit

Interested in making movies?

The Kucom Film Unit was established in 2007, and over the following two years made a total of nine films, all of which can still be seen on YouTube:

Waiting for the Reaper   A not terribly efficient 'Heavenly Team' try to prepare the way for a visit by the Grim Reaper
Curtain Down   Detectives investigating the murder on stage of a well known actor receive unexpected help from the theatre's ghost.
Jack's Trial   Jack Frost steals Santa's special boomerang and after being chased is caught and appears before the Legendary Council where he puts forward an unusual defence.
Sound Witness   Police are called by a woman after she hears a drug related murder in the next door apartment. While she is happy to talk about what she heard, it's a different matter when asked if she saw anyone entering or leaving the apartment. Why does she suddenly become unwilling to say if she saw anyone?
Sisterly Care   A man out for a walk is approached by a young girl pleading for his help. She tells him another girl is going to throw herself over a nearby cliff. He can see the girl but doesn't want to get involved. However he gives in to her pleadings.
No Way Home   A young boy discovers an overgrown shed on his family's property. Inside he finds a gateway to the past and an old house that he visits. His parents don't believe his story.
Little Red Riding Hood   A retelling of the popular children's story of Little Red Riding Hood. All the characters are here: Red Riding Hood, Grandma, Woodsman and of course The Big Bad Wolf. Did the Wolf really eat Grandma?
The Dice Gorilla   Bill & Tom, two old friends, like nothing better then playing a game of Monopoly in the Park. They are used to attracting an unusual audience. But this day it's a very unusual audience ... a gorilla.
The Three Little Pigs   It's the old story of the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf. But what really happened? Join the trial of the Big Bad Wolf and discover how he tricked the pigs into thinking it was all a game. And why did he develop a taste for pork chops?

We're looking for people who would be interested in reviving the Kucom Film Unit, taking advantage of the new technologies that have become available over the past decade, and showcasing our local talent to a wider audience. Actors of all ages are welcome, as well as crew members who are interested in working behind the camera. No prior experience is necessary.

For more information, contact us on 0408 980 022 or by e-mail.




The 'Heavenly Team' (Bronwyn Grannall, John Atkinson, Joel Aprile), Waiting for the Reaper, 2007

The Sergeant (Sarah Neivandt) and the Inspector (Stan Hillard) interview the caretaker (Bronwyn Grannall) in Curtain Down, 2007


Santa (Paul Ahern) in his workshop - Jack's Trial, 2008


Det Sgt Smeed (Russell Lowry) visits a nervous witness (Bronwyn Grannall) in Sound Witness, 2008


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