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Bazaar and Rummage


Kucom Theatre’s offering for the 2008 Mackay Festival was Bazaar and Rummage by Sue Townsend, the author of The Diary of Adrian Mole.

The play was directed by Tessa King.  Sue Townsend has an uncanny ability to take a difficult but serious subject and manage to find a comedy within.   It is this genius which prompted Tessa’s choice of play for the Mackay Festival of Arts.

The play centres around Gwenda, an ex agoraphobic herself. She leads a self-help group of agoraphobics who have been unable to leave their homes for a variety of reasons. Gwenda decides that the perfect way to help them overcome their fears is to get them involved in staging a bazaar and rummage sale at their local church hall. With the help of trainee social worker Fliss, they tackle the first major obstacle - getting there - only to be faced later on with the horrifying prospect of having to make their way back home.

A funny and touching story about five very different women drawn together by the one thing they have in common. As they sort through the piles of jumble, we sense the strangeness of their self-imposed isolation and begin to understand something of the situations and circumstances that have led each of them to withdraw from normal life.

Bazaar and Rummage is a funny, poignant, moving play which will have audiences laughing. 




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