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Fallen Angels


What do you get when you mix two gal pals, a night of martinis, Champagne and liqueurs, and a visit from the Frenchman they were once head over heels in love with...

The answer is Fallen Angels – a play that both shakes and stirs the imagination and the heart.

Brought to you by the always-entertaining cast of Kucom, this comedic and thought-provoking play by Noel Coward is set in London in the 1920s.

After five years of marriage, lifetime friends Julia (Bronwyn Grannall) and Jane (Tessa King), find themselves contemplating the difference between being 'in love' with their husbands (Fred – Stan Hillard, and Willy – John Atkinson) and love itself.

All it takes to cement their insecurities and encourage them to indulge in their long-lost fantasies is a visit from Maurice (Simon Jeffcoat), the Frenchman they both had affairs with before they tied the knot.

And, depending on how you look at it, Maurice’s visit is perfect timing – what with their husbands being out of town on a weekend golfing trip!

With the promise of Maurice’s visit almost too much to bear, the ladies don their most decadent frocks, feathers and frills and arrange for Julia’s maid Saunders (Kath Ward) to serve them a delectable three-course meal to bide the time until his expected arrival.

After one too many drinks (and seriously they performed this so well I was tempted to sniff their glasses at intermission!), the mood shifts from excited anticipation and wistful reminiscing to spitefulness and jealous behaviour in the lead-up to an unexpected adventure of laughter, lies and lust.

So many elements make this play enjoyable – Bronwyn and Tessa’s honest and real portrayal of Julia and Jane (with the added advantage of knowing that behind the scenes they are real-life best friends) and the professional and heartfelt direction by Kucom newcomer Russell Lowry.

But for me the highlight was maid Saunders – cockney accent and all – who stole the show with her unbelievable, yet somehow believable, life stories that kept the comedy rolling.

It’s not surprising to learn that when Fallen Angels premiered in London in 1925, it was labelled by theatre critics as 'disgusting and obscene'. However, 80 years on, the play has become one of Coward’s more popular and well-known comedies – and now – one of my favourite Kucom plays.

Fallen Angels will be performed at the Kucom Theatre, Shakespeare Street on July 10, 11, 15, 17, 18, 22, 24 and 25 at 8pm.

To book tickets ($20 adults or $17 concession) to this event, held in conjunction with the Mackay Region Festival of Arts, call the Mackay Entertainment and Convention Centre on 4961 9777 or book online.

Review by Penne Kaddatz





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