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Secret Bridesmaids' Business

Our publicity campaign paid off and we received lots of phone calls and e-mails from people wanting to audition for the show.  Of course, it helped that Secret Bridesmaids’ Business has been one of the most popular and widely performed Australian plays since opening in Melbourne [in 1999].  We were particularly delighted to welcome Sue Stock back to the stage (remembering her as Thelma/Yum-Yum in the Farndale Mikado just two years earlier), and her wealth of experience proved invaluable to the other cast members who were all new to Kucom.


Kucom’s Shakespeare Street Theatre opened its Festival Of Arts contribution Secret Bridesmaids’ Business on the evening of the 11th July 2007, sixty years to the day after inauguration of Mackay Community Theatre.

The choice of playwright, Elizabeth Coleman, was brilliant.

Her themes and sub-themes deal with vital issues of to-day, such as fidelity in friendship and marriage, the balancing of career and motherhood and the threat of biological clocks ticking away as well as the eternal themes of the differing attitudes towards sex by male and female, how to choose a suitable husband and the roles of Mothers in the organization of weddings.

Professional actor Bronwyn Grannall’s first venture into directing shows her great theatrical skills. Her cast was aptly chosen, enthusiastic, rigorously rehearsed and mutually supportive.

Sue Stock assumed the role of Colleen Bacon, the bride’s Mother like a natural skin. Harassed, frustrated, thwarted yet overall loving to her Meg, she reveals her innermost soul in her poignant soliloquy. Her professionalism shines throughout and her phone technique rivals Mrs Bucket’s of Keeping up Appearances!

Carlene Masters plays Meg with charm and understanding. She does indeed make a beautiful bride.

Jolene Harrap is a most convincing Angela Dixon; wholesome, married and a mother. Bouncy, loud outspoken Lucy Dean is the second bridesmaid played wholeheartedly by Lucy Dobson. Stephanie Thuesen and Luke Doss play Naomi Bartlett and James Davis as good supporting actors.

Reviewer: Enid Forsyth, Daily Mercury, Friday 13 July 2007



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