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Shirley Valentine


Kucom Theatre’s latest production, Shirley Valentine, was written by English playwright Willy Russell and won an award for Best New Comedy in 1988.

The play directed, very cleverly, by Kath Ward, is a one-woman show about an English woman who realises life has just about passed her by while she was busy being a good wife and mother.

Bronwyn Grannall and Tessa King take on the persona of Shirley Valentine, both adding their own unique style and character to this very demanding role.

The acting of these two ladies, appearing on alternate evenings, is absolutely delightful, as audiences are taken on a quite revealing, funny and often poignant journey through Shirley’s life.

The English accent is mastered perfectly.  The audience becomes totally involved in the emotions, sometimes humorous, sometimes sad, of Shirley Valentine through the brilliant acting of both King and Grannall.

Each actor is very convincing when speaking of Shirley Valentine’s past pleasures and future goals.  The audience can feel her pain and frustrations as she share her disenchantment in conversations with the wall, which of course ‘can’t answer back’.

Shirley Valentine will be showing at the Kucom Theatre Playhouse, 361 Shakespeare Street (opposite the Mackay Showgrounds) tonight from 8pm and on Wednesday, December 7, Friday, December 9 and Saturday, December 10.

For bookings, contact Mackay Entertainment Centre on 4957 1777 or freecall 1800 646 574.

Review by Sharon Bond and Bente McDonald





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